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with a black tooth grin
darling show me your fangs
intravenous chains for the savages and saints
every vulture and vermin verdict determined by
every black market merchant and sic semper serpent
seabed drought
free dive the mind
alone i drown
time and space bends
the black hole will binge
in with our souls
as is our home


released February 17, 2016

Recorded @ Earth lab studios
Engineered by Jordan Faett
Produced by Justin & Jordi



all rights reserved


DEAD & DREAMING Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: SILENCE
we are dying in a killing fear
god fearing when the only thing to fear is yourself
by any means necessary
every man for himself
it's a full clip, it's an office cliff
It's the noose, It's the bottle of poison
it's a death wish,
the prescription is a syringe and air for the embolism
suicide reads the picket signs
it's on the edge hanging on for the only life
snapping hands
gripping reality
leaping faith
i can see it now
a crowd below my feet
i can't make a voice out
from where i'm standing
100 stories high
it's a sickened silence
sinking into the holy temple
feel god, know nothing
ask why, all you'll hear is ticking
after trail and error
cloud and conclusion
death is the solution
the answer is mine
Track Name: DETOX
She is gazing oxytocin
gagging and overdosing
posing as a model
it’s the pill she swallows
between the window and the mirror
she wears the mask as a souvenir
her eyes are wide shut
down the mainstream
down the rivers dim expanse
she’s all but a dream
breeding in a trance
all in a row
down her throat
the rabbit hole
how does your graveyard grow?
it’s war, my amore
i allure forever more
i abuse the muse
it’s you i use to tune in and tune out
i’m strung in and i’m strung out
limb from limb
heads i win
tearing tears from puppeteers
it’s the vow, down you bow
beneath the moon we howl
it’s the midnight hour
i’m ashing in the candles again
in the blink of an eye
she is pacing bats at bay
persuading in our masquerade
wagging in the wars we wage
now i see it on your face
her eyes are wide shut
up and down the path of least resistance
it’s all but a dream
killing in a dance
all in a row
skulls and crossbones
upon the throne
my iron maiden
how does your garden grow?
no chance in hell
all will burn
praying, begging, pleading
as this world turns
see the face
as it dissolves
under the weight of the sun
as it diagnosis us all
mother Mary
kneel before me
dying of cancer
holy father
in all your nature
gives us your answer
just kill
just fear
black ice of bacteria
wild fires and famine
plagues of sorcery
chem trails and heroin
oh your honor
lord and savoir
gives us your answer
diagnosis us all
shadow the cardinal
shadow the reaper
shadow the rubbernecks
through a chapel of smoke
through a vatican of ghosts
I, ground the gods
I, define
blackened is the air we breathe
rotten is our gut in our gluttony
by any means necessary
mercy on none
I, just as i proceed
processing the programming
I, just as i can see
breathing is believing
I, just as i persist
possessing power
in through due time
i wait because it makes us stronger
I, just as i will be
for as long as i pay
I, just as i will bleed out
I, rise
I, scheduling the mastermind
I, shapeshifting in through time
I, wait
before i die
Track Name: SHADOWS
shadows have shadows
apparitions in hindsight
reflux, backwash
it’s only so regal
on the tip of our tongues
dissolves off
the skin on our knuckles
the face as it boils
when you hold me down
under the light
shadows have shadows
dance for the future
follow the footsteps
cross through the leads
flashbacks and mirrors bend
the needle’s stitch
when you hold it down
under the light
i fear you
i praise you
i trust your guiding hands
in the wind of our opinion
opiate, our oasis
underlining, overwriting
justifying, defying fate
bliss in all it’s gratefulness
rotting in our waste and piss
missing kids in plastic bins
recycled in our consciousness
racing for the cure
cutting corners
hoarding quarters
from the poor
washed ashore
in folklore legend
south of heaven
don’t let the drugs scare you