by Dead & Dreaming




released 24 February 2012



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Track Name: Deadline
It's time to die and i aint got the price- aint fed in debt
Their god is fat-
drunk on his ass and this world moves fast - no class in death
-my enemies are sleeping and i've been awake for days -I aint got the dime to waste and i aint got the time to wait.
always riding, always fighting
-always got your back
always stealing, always dealing
-we're taking it back
Their lord is fat and loathing- This world is unforgiving
- Your time is wine, drunk to boast
Your father forgives, mine dont -
They're saying that it's something that we're drinking, something that we're smoking
- something in our system, we can't get out
It's the way that we're living, never giving in -
This world's on our shoulders and we're stomping on their backs.
It's the songs that we're screaming, the paths that we're leading
-we're making a stand in the middle of their tracks
We're burning the billboards, eating their high horse, and spray painting the walls with black -
Take and don't look back. They're laughing all the way to the bank and shot dead in their tracks.
Last laugh, in your face. Young, ruthless, and in your way.
Cut throat; if it's all i've ever known. We'll die cold and alone with the ones we hate.
This glass isn't half empty - It's broken.
It's ours take. It's ours to drink until we're sick